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randomlyrandom's Journal

If you're random and you know it, prod a llama!
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Obligatory Intro:

A community dedicated to people who are random. How do you know if you're random? Easy enough: you do random things that seemingly have no relevance prior to their occurence. Now, those of the random persuasion have a place to convene on lj.

Why, just the making of this community is random!


The Community:

What should be discussed in the community? It's not limited to this but here are a few helpful hints: thoughts, stories, humourous things, questions, interesting and/or funny facts, meeting new people, inquiring about websites, etc. In all honesty, the community was born in hopes of it being something fun and frivolous, light-hearted, but ultimately, it can be used as whatever.



Now, like most communities, there need to be a few ground rules. Please keep in mind the following:

-Respect. Period. That should be self-explanatory. Even if you're in a disagreement, everyone - especially me - would love you for keeping it civil. You can disagree without being rude; oh, yes, my friend. It's possible.

-No porn. At all. Not even if it's funny. Artistic nudity, however, is acceptable if it's behind an LJ-cut.

-In the way of more elaboration about LJ-cutting, if you're posting something wordy, an image, or something that might be dodgy and you're unsure of it, use the LJ-cut. Otherwise, your post will just be deleted. If you don't know how to do LJ-cuts, read through LJ's FAQs or ask one of us.

-Advertising is allowed, but please, be cautious as to what it is, and don't overrun the community with it.

-Have fun! This community is whimsical and actually made for those of us who are a bit odd/spontaneous. That's the beauty of being random.



This community's owned and maintained by hidingthestars. If you need anything, drop a line!